Investors & Aim Rule 26

Committed to ongoing investment in our UK and overseas companies, so we can take full advantage of global opportunities for the future.

James Halstead Plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.
All the information in the Regulatory Requirements has been disclosed pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM rules.

Last updated 27 August 2021

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AIM Securities

The capital of James Halstead plc as at 27 August 2021 consists of:

208,159,916 Ordinary Shares of 5p each with voting rights
200,000 5.5% Cumulative Preference Shares of £1 each with no voting rights (except in the case that payment of a dividend is over six months in arrears)
16,042,530 B” shares of 1p each with no voting rights
Significant shareholdings are:

Rulegale Nominees 17.7%

John Halstead Settlement 17.0%

HSBC Global Custody Nominees 6.6%

Octopus Investments 5.4%

As far as the company is aware, 62,994,462 Ordinary Shares, representing 30.3% of the Ordinary issued share capital, is not available to the general public. There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s ordinary shares or cumulative preference shares.

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